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A List of Resources to Encourage You During the COVID – 19 Pandemic

Sometimes it is hard to strike the right balance between being informed of the COVID-19 news, and being consumed by the news. Much of our news contains people trying to advance agendas and giving their own opinions about what is going on. I am continually reminding myself and others during this time to spend more time in God’s Word than in the news. To help with that, I’ve compiled a list of resources to recommend to you that give Biblical guidance to us during this COVID – 19 Pandemic. Following is the list I have compiled with a short description before the link for each resource.

A great article on about how to keep from isolating ourselves spiritually – Article by Whitney Woollard with the Gospel Coalition

If you're struggling with knowing how to pray in these uncertain times, here’s a previous blog post that I wrote outlining some specific things we should pray for:

A great article on tips for parenting as we walk our children through this time – Article by Chad Kraska with the Gospel Coalition

A Special Broadcast with Chip Ingram filled with great advice responding to this pandemic.

COVID-19 Message (he uses a lot of Scripture!) from Dr. Charles Stanley

A video clip of Dr. David Jeremiah entitled: In the Face of Coronavirus:

A message from Pastor Francis Chan to the church in America:

Finally, this one may seem obvious, but I still need to include it because it is the most important.

The Bible I can tell you, if I spend an hour watching news clips and reading news articles I’m not left feeling the greatest… However, after I spend an hour in my Bible I feel great because I have met with God and heard from Him through His written word and that leaves me at peace and filled with hope… Not that life is only about feelings, but going to God’s word is about taking in God’s truth and learning from it about how it can change our lives. There’s something about swimming in God’s truth that will leave you feeling confident and refreshed.

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