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My Prayer List During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The times we are living in seem to be pretty crazy right now. Our nation needs people who are committed to be praying to God during these tough times. On March 19th, 2020 I wrote a post on my blog entitled, “5 Things to Pray for During the Coronavirus Pandemic”.

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As I have observed the state of our world and country and spent time in prayer and in God’s Word during these past six weeks, God has definitely opened my eyes in many areas that I should be praying about and my prayer list has definitely expanded. I have noticed that there are far more needs than I can begin to count. I hope by sharing my personal coronavirus prayer list with you in this blog post, that it will serve to expand your thinking regarding how to be praying during these times.

1 – Pray for healing for those around the world who have COVID – 19.

2 – Pray for protection for those who do not have COVID – 19. Pray especially for those who are most vulnerable due to age and/or underlying health conditions.

3 – Pray for comfort for the mourning. This includes people who have lost loved ones due to COVID – 19 but it also includes anyone losing loved ones during these times. People are not able to congregate with their entire families and friends to grieve together during these times. I think of Psalm 119:76, “Let your (God’s) steadfast love comfort me.”

4 – Pray for people’s mental health. The isolation that has taken place over the last month and a half has taken a serious toll on many people’s mental health.

5 – Pray for the economic impact this is having on so many people. Many people are struggling to make ends meet because they are not able to work.

6 – Pray for healthcare workers. Pray for strength and protection for them as they go to work.

7 – Pray for “essential workers”. The people serving you in the grocery stores and the post office, and the bank, and the delivery man/women etc. These people need our prayers as they do not get to stay home and shelter in place.

8 – Pray for people at nursing homes (residents and staff). Residents are not getting in-person visits from their family members and friends and the atmosphere is much more difficult and draining for employees.

9 – Pray for people who are hungry during these times. The United Nations estimates that approximately 25,000 people die daily due to hunger. This translates to 9 million people annually. In places where people make enough each day to buy their food for that day and they cannot make money, that is only making the hunger/malnutrition problem worse for them.

10 – Pray for High School and College Seniors. The class of 2020 has missed out on a lot during these times. They need our prayers and support… perhaps you know a senior that you can reach out to and bless/encourage.

11 – Pray for Ministries that are being impacted. As a pastor I read a lot of updates from missionaries and some of them are struggling. Other ministries such as soup kitchens and pregnancy care centers for example, are also needing to adapt in how they serve people right now.

12 – Pray for the Church during this time. Pray for us to be the salt and light we are called to be. Pray that we would point people to Jesus who is our hope and salvation. Pray for your own local church and also the worldwide church. There is more content out there online than ever before that is preaching/promoting the gospel. Pray that people will watch/read it and turn to Jesus as their Savior.

13 – Pray for schools and teachers and students and parents. Students and parents and teachers are all needing to adapt to learn/teach in different ways. Pray for them. Pray also for tech employees who are busy providing resources to students and their families.

14 – Pray for governments on all levels. Pray that people in the government would work together to serve the people. Pray that God would give them wisdom as they roll our plans for re-opening.

15 – Pray for people who live alone. When you live alone and you cannot hug your friends and family who would normally visit you it can be very difficult!

16 – Pray for families. Families are spending more time together in many cases. Pray that they would use their time wisely and that this time would make families stronger. Pray for the situations where staying at home with family non-stop is miserable and even dangerous.

I pray that this list helps you to think in a broader way of what we need to be praying about and that you and I will pray for these needs. James 5:16 “…The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.”

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